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Monday, September 7, 2015

Moved in the UK by Nikolas Sideris

Moved in the UK.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Τελευταία νέα από το έργο "Beauty & Hope in the 21st century" by Nikolas Sideris

Τα τελευταία νέα από το έργο "Beauty & Hope in the 21st century"...

Latest news from Beauty & Hope in the 21st century by Nikolas Sideris

Latest news from Beauty & Hope in the 21st century.

About us

It is said that contemporary concert hall music is sometimes difficult to approach and remains inaccessible in some ways, not only limited to pricing or distribution. Editions Musica Ferrum addresses those issues by funding interesting composers, and publishing fascinating and accessible works. Music that is beautiful, engraved in handsome scores that are worth owning, (with approachable prices) and materials that are readily available online or in music stores.

Founded in Greece by award winning composer and performer Nikolas Sideris, EMF has a deep understanding of the needs and rights of the composer as well as the demands of performers in terms of score quality and clarity. Drawing on decades of experience in score development and preparation, all the elements of production, from physical elements such as paper selection and binding to visual elements such as layout and spacing, have been taken into account to be sure that every score that reaches our customers is of the highest order. Previews of each score are available on our website, and where available excerpts of recordings are also available, along with videos of the whole scores of selected works.

Editions Musica Ferrum hopes to reach out to every performer, teacher, student, conductor, producer, composer and other music lover to help them to discover this treasury of new concert hall works.We are open to any questions, comments, or feedback you may have, and we strive to be always available to our customers and interested parties.