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Fairyland in Treble

Composer: Sideris, Nikolas

Arrangement: Duet

Instruments: Piano

Number of Pages: 72

Score Dimensions: 9,25 x 12,2" / 23,5 x 31 cm

ISMN: 979-0-801164-63-6


The new collection by Nikolas Sideris featuring:

1. Eleven works for piano, 4 hands for a teacher-student duet. Aimed at semi-beginners with musical sensetivity, these works will amaze at concert and as a learning experience away from any method!

2. Eleven two page contemporary fairytales.

3. A stunning cover as can be seen at the preview.

4. QR codes and links to all the recordings of the teachers (secondo) part, along with a metronome in the beginning and when required to facilitate the studying of your students.

At 72 pages, this is a must have for any piano teacher, beginner student, and score collector alike!

What people have said:

"As I have already said and meant wholeheartedly, your duet book has a potential of being huge. The whole concept, the cover, the excellent stories and your amazing music"

"Let us begin with the cornerstone of Fairyland, Nikolas Sideris' enchanting duets of wildly varied and startlingly beautiful character. Inspired by the music, Nefeli Tsipouridi contributed delightfully eclectic fairy tales, and Marcus Krupus brought to the work a vision so instantly beguiling that it stirs longings to explore within.
This is no ordinary book of music. It is a breathlessly playful, spine-tingling, heart-racing book of enchantment. There is an alchemy to the music which is immediately evident as soon as the duets are performed together, a quality that causes both teacher and student to exclaim with pleasure at the clever arrangements andthe manner in which the parts are interlaced. 
One of the reasons I personally am so enamored of this collection is because it is clearly the labor of love. All efforts were made to ensure the book was as engaging, accessible and inspiring to both the student and teacher as it could be. In the making of Fairyland in Treble, no shortcuts were taken. What you behold is the culmination of many long days and long nights traversing the long road, the adventurous road, the road fraught with the most peril. As we all know, that road always makes for the best story... if, that is, you survive it. 
Fortunately for you and me, Nikolas Sideris, Nefeli Tsipouridi, and Marcus Krupa survived. 
I hope you'll take a look inside, read the stories, play the music, and share it with a friend or sibling, a student, or a teacher.It's the most adventurous choice you could make.
If you survive, perhaps you'd like to share your own stories with the composer..."

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