Carlos Álvarez Torno

Carlos Álvarez Torno was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1979.When he was eleven years old, a domestic accident forced him to spend a long time standing at his own home. As a therapy, he began studying piano, and later, harmony, counterpoint and fugue.

After completing his piano studies at the Conservatory of Music Padre Antonio Soler, he decided to turn his interest toward musical creation. He studied composition with Jesus Torres, and expands his training in different courses, with Alberto Liz, Luís Robles and Cristóbal Halffter.

This interest in music, coupled with his passion for teaching and pedagogy, led him to study Musical Teaching. It’s in the world of music education where he has primarily developed his professional activity.

With this pedagogical orientation, he has written numerous adaptations of Spanish popular music, as well as own works composed to be performed at school.

As a composer, his music has been selected to be performed at the International Music Course of Villafranca del Bierzo by the pianists Alberto Rosado, Oscar Martín and his work Voice of the People  was included in the Beauty & Hope in the 21st Century project and performed by pianist Myrto Akrivou.