Fabio Gianolla

Fabio Gianolla was born in 1978 in Latina (Italy). At the age of 6, he began playing the piano.

Before long, he became fascinated and captivated by the sounds of the bassoon. His professional training in classical music began at the Conservatory of Latina. During his studies, he played as a pianist in several live bands, exploring rock, r&b, funk, bossanova, reggae and pop. At age 21, he completed his studies with Mr. Ottorino Malavasi and played as a bassoonist in the Conservatory Orchestra of Santa Cecilia in Rome along with various orchestras in Italy.

He took composing lessons for 2 years with Paolo Rotili.

In 2001, he moved to Switzerland to study at the Winterthur-Zurich Hochschule with Giorgio Mandolesi and then continued to perfect his instrument with Mr. Sergio Azzolini at the Basel Academy. He has collaborated with numerous orchestras in Switzerland: Aarau Kammer Orchester, Collegium Musicum (Winterthur), Swiss Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of Neuchatel, Symphonic Orchester Zurich, Geneva Camerata and other chamber music groups. He has also worked with the Playback Theatre, improvvising the music on the stage.

He is currently a free-lance bassoonist and works principally in Italy, Swizerland, and other European countries.

Fabio's interest in jazz and contemporany music have influenced his style, using a traditional instrument which can be also be modified to create unusual and non-traditional compositions.