Jaap Cramer

Jaap Cramer was born in Amersfoort, the Netherlands in 1984. He showed interest in music at an early age, by playing piano along side classical cds and recordings. He began piano lessons at the age of five and started altering the simple piano methods he studied. Not much later, he scribbled down his first compositions.

At age eleven Jaap got his first composition lessons from Nico Ph. Hovius, who taught him the basics of harmony, counterpoint, form, orchestration, and solfege. Jaap studied the oboe and organ for two years and used his skills as an organist, playing for several different churches before beginning University studies.

In 2002 Jaap started a study Molecular Sciences at the University of Wageningen. During that period, all private musical studies were discontinued. Despite having no professional guidance, Jaap continues studying music on his own, not only building on the classicist education he received from Mr. Hovius, but also exploring more contemporary techniques.

In 2004 Jaap discontinued his studies in Wageningen to focus on Theology. In February 2013 he received his Masters degree Theology on the Theological University of the Reformed Churches, Kampen.

Recently, the music of Jaap Cramer was recognized when his Fuga (2011) was selected as a finalist piece in the 2011 Hinsz Concours.