Scott Aaron Miller

Scott Miller was born in 1962 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been composing since 1975.  In 1992 he earned the M.A. in composition and theory from the University of Minnesota where he studied with Dominick Argento, and in 1994 earned the Master of Library Science degree from the University of North Texas (Denton).

A cellist, Scott has been a member of orchestras in Minnesota, California and Oregon and currently is a member of the Rogue Valley Symphony Orchestra in Medford, Oregon where he also acts as their librarian.

As a composer, Scott embraces the traditional roles of music, using various styles to move his audience.  He has composed works for piano, choir, orchestra, voice, percussion, and small ensembles, and has experimented with folk instruments such as the Finnish kantele.  He also has a long-time interest in Balinese gamelan music.

Scott lives in Oregon.

Scott's works that are being published by Editions Musica Ferrum:

Seven Diverse Preludes for solo piano