Nikos Drelas

Nikos Drelas was born in Athens in 1958.

From 1977 up to 1982 he lived in Thessalonica, Greece studying Mathematics at the local University and Harmony with Yiannis Mantakas at the "Neo Odeio" Conservatorium.

He took classes in Counterpoint and Composition from Michalis Travlos at the Nikos Skalkotas School of music in Athens and in 1984 he commenced his studies at the department of Composition of "Hochschule der Künste - Berlin" under Witold Szalonek while he also attended seminars in Conducting from Friedrich Goldmann.

His music has been performed in Greece and abroad and he's participated in "Gaudeamus International Music Days" in Amsterdam with his work Strophes for mixed choir. The same work was selected to represent Greece at the "Music Days" of ISCM.

He was granted a studendship by the "Moysigetis" society, whereas the Department of Culture of the then West Berlin granted him a scholarship in the form of a commission for a composition.

He's also participated in the "Conferenza Musicale Mediteranea – Palermo" with his work Thetia for 4 voices, guitar, percussion and piano.

His compositions hold elements of traditional music due to his experiential relationship with it. Pitch material, melodic fragments, rhythms and gestures in his compositions can reveal this relationship, although not in an apparent way.

He lives and works as a teacher and a composer in Athens since 1991.

Nikos's works that are being published by Editions Musica Ferrum:

And... it's gone for solo Guitar

Searching for Guitar duet

Fragments for Soprano, Clarinet in Bb, Violin and Bassoon

Memories... they always find their way for Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Piano, Violin and Violoncello

Repetition is no crime for solo Violoncello and Piano

The past strikes again for Piano duet